International College of Applied Kinesiology – International Meeting


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International College of Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Timothy Francis is an alternative medicine professional and a recognized leader in applied kinesiology. Board certified, Dr. Timothy Francis has been an instructor in basic applied kinesiology at the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) for more than 25 years.

ICAK dates back to the founder of applied kinesiology, George J. Goodheart Jr., who was the first to observe that posture-related problems often stem from weak muscles. Dr. Goodheart developed therapeutic methods to test and build muscles, allowing improvement of the function of different body systems.

Today, ICAK-USA is a leader in applied kinesiology. The college supports practicing professionals through opportunities in continuing education and professional development.

Each year, ICAK holds an international meeting that brings together the world’s applied kinesiologists for workshops, presentations, practical demonstrations, and much more. Attendees also enjoy networking and social events with their peers at the widely anticipated event. The 2017 ICAK-USA International Meeting will be held July 20-23. Registration is open online.