Applied Kinesiology – How and Why It Is Done

Applied Kinesiology pic
Applied Kinesiology

For over three decades, Dr. Timothy Francis has been a mainstay in the homeopathic and chiropractic communities. Apart from that, Dr. Timothy Francis has been an innovator in applied kinesiology for the past 25 years.

Anti-aging was the main topic of the 6th Annual Sustainable Health Expo that was held at the Owego Treadway Inn in October 2016. More than 40 vendors, including Whole Health Nutrition Center in Endicott, New York, shared methods on how to prevent aging by assessing the body’s nutritional needs.

According to Whole Health Nutrition Center’s head practitioner, people eat food that doesn’t have a lot of nutrition. He also suggested that applied kinesiology can be used to improve health and reverse the aging process by identifying nutritional deficiencies, many of which may have been present for years.

The non-invasive procedure, which is often referred to as nutritional response testing, can detect signs of weakness in organs, muscles, and glands through neuromuscular connections by applying pressure to organs of the body. Although applied kinesiology is used by doctors for diagnosing and treating the causes of health disorders, using it to reverse aging by pinpointing nutritional shortcomings sets it apart from traditional medical procedures.


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