Costs and Benefit of Becoming a ICAK-USA Member

International College of Applied Kinesiology-USA pic
International College of Applied Kinesiology-USA

Timothy D. Francis, D.C., focuses largely on applied kinesiology and other holistic medical care such as acupuncture. A diplomate or fellow of several organizations, Dr. Timothy D. Francis is active in the professional community and serves as a member and instructor of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.

Since 1975, the International College of Applied Kinesiology-USA (ICAK-USA) has supported the applied kinesiology field by offering education and professional development opportunities to members. ICAK-USA membership is open to all individuals licensed to diagnose as health care practitioners, and students who will be licensed to diagnose after completing their accredited college program. Members receive a range of benefits, including educational online newsletters, free online ads, access to patient education products, and voting privileges.

Health care professionals seeking membership must send their license number and first year’s dues to the organization. Membership costs $185 for the first year, $215 for the second year, and $400 for later years. Retired health care professionals and certain full-time faculty members can enroll in the ICAK-USA for $200, while international practitioners can join for $150. Meanwhile, full-time students enrolled in a program in applied kinesiology pay a discounted rate of $25 for membership dues.

Dr. Francis has served on the ICAK-USA executive board as a member at large, as well as the executive board of the Board of Certified Teachers, and on the International Council for the Board of Certified Teachers. He has also served on the basic course review committee.


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